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The perfect training for your crew

Universal Aviation Training

Universal Aviation Training (UAT) offers a unique and state-of-the art training system which is a combined product of technology and aviation expertise, all aimed to provide one high-end quality training infrastructure to assist airlines, ATOs and individual pilots with their training demands.

UAT’s fully customizable and comprehensive courseware is developed by current industry Flight Crew who are actively operating in the operational and commercial environment. Our content is custom developed to ensure company and authority compliance, and uses advanced technological systems to streamline access, security, and availability to pilots and flight crews around the world. The platform enables one to complete courses on an online or offline capability.

We currently serve Operators in FAA, EASA, ICAO regions and ensure regulatory compliance with all mentioned authorities.

It’s the perfect training and resource management tool for your crew. Universal Aviation Training’s courseware offers:

  • Easy Setup
  • High Quality and Interactive Graphic Content
  • Scheduling and Resource Management
  • Electronic Grading, Assessments and Data Collection
  • Qualifications Management
  • Examination and Assessments
  • eLearning Management
  • Smooth Maintenance

Our Courseware is scalable to any size and we offer flexible solutions to any airline or training operation. Universal Aviation Training manages all aspects of flight crew training. From qualifications, notifications, curriculum, course content development, classroom and simulator scheduling, examinations, assessments, electronic grading, secure data collection and reporting.

Rich Content

Universal Aviation Training’s content is designed to keep up with industry standards and incorporate regulatory requirements and updates. Thus, keeping your crew up to date with all the latest regulations to sustain a high standard of compliance.

Powerful LMS

The Universal Aviation Training Learning Management System (LMS) organises, launches, and tracks your crew’s e-learning content. It is fully customizable and is structured to be able to automatically notify users and administrators when upcoming courses are expiring, when a course has expired and when courses have been completed.


Customize Reporting Structure can be generated on the online system as per the administrator’s requirements.


We offer a unique and low-maintenance solution and our team will ensure that your virtual experience stays up to date.