Universal Aviation Training

Ground School

All Universal Aviation Training courses conclude with a test, and when the test is successfully completed, a certificate of completion is generated.


Universal Aviation Training offers comprehensive Emergency, Safety and Equipment Training (ESET) courses to ensure your crew are equipped with the necessary skills to handle any emergency or unusual situation that can occur on-board their aircraft. The course is offered for both flight crew and flight attendants.

Course is offered as Initial, Recurrent (3 Year), Refresher (1 Year) and consist of following topics:

  • CRM Initial/Recurrent/Refresher Course
  • First Aid Training
  • Fire Fighting Theory Training
  • Fire Fighting Practical Training
  • Emergency, Safety and Equipment Training
  • Actual Donning of a Life Jacket
  • Incapacitation Training
  • Dry Ditching Theory Training
  • Emergency Evacuation Training
  • Wet Ditching Training


Universal Aviation Training offers a unique Etiquette Training for both newcomers into amazing world of aviation or already experienced flight attendants who want to refresh their skills.
To show the highest level of quality in a private jet, to keep the highest customer service experience, to fascinate your passengers with a unique experience – that is what Universal Aviation Training is offering when it comes to Etiquette Training. We will prepare you for the operation on board of the private jet and show you all about the culinary and service skills required to create a unique experience for your passengers.

Training topics:

  • Corporate Aviation Introduction – Private Jet Industry
  • Clients and their expectations
  • Cultural differences
  • Business aviation catering
  • In-flight Silver Service
  • Cleaning procedures for Covid 19, hygiene and disinfection
  • Bedding and Housekeeping


Universal Aviation Training offers a fully customized, separate, or fully integrated aircraft-specific overwing exit training solution. This allows for a thorough training of the overwing emergency exit procedures on a variety of aircraft.